Custom Printing

Samples of my work
LED fans - Printed for a Nickelodeon event.

Custom Blinky Pin - Printed for the Salvidor Dali Museum in Tampa, Florida.

8 LED Custom Pin for Hawkes Learning Systems.

Custom Beer Mug - Printed for the Word Famous Magic Castle

Spec sample done for Lagoon Parks
Custom Pilsner printed for the Southern Brewers Festival

Custom Glass and T-Shirt for bat mitzvah

Custom Coke Glass printed for Kill the 8 Merch

Custom printed party favors

Custom promotional cup printed for Pazzaz! the Musical

LED Flashlights - Printed for a local company.

4GB Flash Drives

Custom Blinky Pin

Custom Beatles Blinky Pin

Custom Blinky Pin - Printed for the Pink Boa Society

Custom Blinky pin - Printed for Lane Byran clothing

Custom Blinky Pin  - Printed for Enterprise Geeks

Custom Blinky Pin - Chinese new year

Custom Promotional t-shirt printed for Blackrock Microsystems

Promotional T-shirt printed for

Custom Pilsner - Birthday party Favor

NNdustrie Media Business Card

Custom T-shirt and Shorts - York College Wrestling

What is Pad Printing?
(Below is a simple explanation)

Pad Printing is the process used to print on irregular objects such as golf balls, mugs, pens, and bilnky pins.
The image that is to be printed is converted to a vector image and printed onto transfer film.
This printed image is used to create an impression using ultra-violet light onto a metal plate coated with 
a light sensitive coating. 

Ink is spread across the plate and the excess is scraped away using a blade, leaving behind a tiny amount of ink resting in the impression. 

A non-stick silicon pad is pressed onto the plate, lifting the ink out of the impression which is then transfered to 
the item that is to be printed. 

There are a number of types of pad printers. We use a manual two color printer. Because the printer is manual our cost per piece is a little bit higher than some of our competition, However because we use a manual printer we can do small quantity runs that most of our competition can't or won't print. 

Just because we use a manual printer doesn't mean we can't do larger jobs, we have developed contacts within the industry to allow us to contract large run print jobs at price that is still cheaper than are competition. 

To see more, I put together a short tutorial on the process.